We offer: engagement rings, diamonds and other Jewelry

Let's keep it simple, Shechter Diamonds and Jewelry Manufacturers Ltd. isengagement ring offering you to buy engagement rings, diamonds and other diamond jewelry. Our prices are Manufacturer prices and are at least 40% lower than the average retail prices in Israel.

About Shechter

Five generations in the diamond industry in Israel are a long history. Our ancestors were the ones who built the first diamond cutting factory in Israel in 1937 and by that contributed to the foundation of the diamond industry in Israel. We have been full members  diamond earringsof the diamond exchange since it was established.

There for it is safe to say that we enjoy a flawless reputation, we have extended connections and resources that allow us to offer considerably lower prices than our retail competitors. In addition we have access to countless designs and countless diamonds with different quality levels and sizes. This means we can provide you any diamond you want, set in any jewelry.

How to buy our engagement rings?

Since our website is in Hebrew you might find it hard to navigate around it. Nevertheless we all know the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" and also the prices are in engagement ringsnumbers (NIS)... Direct links to our different catalogs are in the bottom of this page.

The better way is to experience our collection is to set up a meeting in our offices. Our offices are at the Israeli Diamond exchange in Ramat Gan (A city attached To Tel Aviv). Contact information is in the bottom of this page.  

Since we operate inside the diamond exchange, a passport or any other Photo ID card is required to enter. You must contact us in advance since we must authorize you to enter the building as our guest.engagement rings | yellow gold engagement ring

Call us from Israel: 03-5750146
Call us from another country: 972-3-5750146
E-mail us at: info@shechterdiamonds.com
Our address: Derech Ze'ev Jabotinsky 1,Maccabi building, room #454, Ramat Gan, Israel
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